Maintenance and projects
  Who is Alui Altum B.V.

The director of Alui Altum, Kees Hennipman started his career as a marine engineer and gained many years of experience while he worked his way up in this field. Over the years he was successful in many different maintenance, engineering and project management assignments. Since 2005 he developed his own company, which was highly successful in the (bio) pharmacy industry in a number of project engineering and project management assignments.

The current market demands a thorough knowledge of the available specialized resources. Alui Altum recognizes the current market and has people and resources in place in order to organize and perform maintenance or implement system upgrades in all its facets.

All employees of Alui Altum B.V. are highly experienced professionals within their field.

Alui Altum B.V. work with technical professionals in areas such as work/project preparation, maintenance and engineering.

Alui Altum focuses on quality and timely delivery. We are honest, accurate and open in communication to all our customers concerning the goals that need to be realized.

If you are interested to find out more about our Services and Philosophy please feel free to contact us.