Maintenance and projects
  Welcome to Alui Altum B.V.

Alui Altum B.V. performs maintenance with professionals for sophisticated equipment and production systems. Maximum availability of equipment is crucial for the continuity of production. All services provided by Alui Altum B.V. are intended to minimize downtime and ensure that all maintenance costs are clearly visible.

Alui Altum B.V. can provide services, such as preparing and performing maintenance stops. This can include the complete care of all maintenance. A Service contract can be drawn up to act upon any breakdown.

Alui Altum B.V. can offer and implement projects in order to adapt or improve systems. In order to prepare and calculate the projects, we work with a team of excellent engineers.

During project execution Alui Altum B.V. offers various types of assistance, including project management, project management assistance, construction supervision and project and modification engineering.

As built drawings are a prerequisite for the performance of maintenance and improvement or adaptation of systems. To draw as built drawings and all services related to as built drawings Alui Altum B.V. has a strong good working partnership with As Built Solutions:

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