Maintenance and projects

All maintenance related services are within the line of work of Alui Altum B.V.:
  • Improving maintenance with the aid of, for example RCM; Reliable Centered Maintenance.
  • The planning of maintenance stops
  • Performing of maintenance(stops)
  • Taking over the care of maintenance
  • Service contracts

In addition to maintenance we can respond to and act on break downs. Alui Altum can provide a standard report and analysis of a break down. The analysis can be calculated, designed, engineered, planned, implemented and documented in order to improve the efficiency of production systems.

System improvements are often projects. A project can be divided into 7 steps. In each of these steps Alui Altum can be of assistance. Separate assignments per project step can include:
  1. Definition phase; Analyze and formulate the problem
  2. Investigate and formulate solutions
  3. User requirement specifications
  4. Design fase
  5. Realization and implementation; including testing and adapting changes
  6. Transfer to users and implementing management and control
  7. Evaluation of the project

During the execution of projects Alui Altum B.V. can offer various types of assistance such as:
  • Project management
  • Project management support
  • Construction supervision
  • Project and modification engineering